Positive Productions Plus! is a company that reflects diversity with a multi-cultural mix of authors, artist, musicians and employees, remembering every culture has something powerful to share and teach. We believe the dividing walls between diverse cultures that have brought separation and fear in this world must come down and that understanding, acceptance and tolerance must replace hatred, fear and ignorance. Working together, through the grace of God, we can grow in love and understanding blending our ideas and thoughts. This gives us a sense that global peace (individual) is not only possible but attainable. (Mark 16:15)


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Dale L. Campbell Jr.

CEO & Founder


Positive Productions Plus was established by Dale L. Campbell, Jr. and Andre Contino with the purpose of creating positive, uplifting media for children and families around the world.  As film-lovers, we saw that most of the products coming out of Hollywood were inappropriate for their own children and grandchildren.  Being men of faith they decided to take on Hollywood’s challenge by making a positive change in the products available to families. Since then Andre has moved to full-time ministry as a pastor in Edmond, OK. We could be prouder of Andre as he has felt this call to full-time for some time.


At Positive Productions Plus, our focus is on the personal spiritual growth of the children – lighting the spark into their imagination – by using DVD, Music, Books and games, so that they may grow into productive and upright citizens of the world.  Through our products we aspire to touch the heart of every man, woman, and child with life affirming, God inspired entertainment from every medium.


Our goal is to produce quality entertainment that will strengthen, inspire, teach, and nurture all those who experience it and aid them in fulfilling their God anointed role with compassion and integrity in the midst of diversity.


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